Episode 10: Hail Hydra!

Well, here it is, the big ONE-O! Episode 10 of the greatest podcast in the world. This highly anticipated episode was delayed by an unforeseen computer failure, which we're sure was somehow Denny's fault. Repairs of said computer took some time, but now all is well, and here we are again! This one was recorded on the same day as our live stream about Captain America being an Hydra agent, so some of the subject matter carries over, but a wide range of other subjects are also tackled. Some of the items under discussion are a few weeks old now, but it doesn't matter because when we talk about them, it's the real deal. I'll keep you surprised, tune in to find out what's on the menu for today's very special episode number TEN! Also, Hail Hydra.


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  1. I'm BacK! & I will ring the Shame bell on two issues. 1.) U guys in speedos, SHAME! 2.) Not remembering the sexy actress Elizabeth Banks, SHAME! Just teasin guys. Keep bringin the fun :0)