Episode 2: Attack of the Jabrones

We present for your consideration, Gaming AM Episode 2. Yes, it seems this is going to be a regular thing despite your belief that we were one-off rage-quitters. We're back again, this one is titled "Attack of the Jabrones", because it's Episode 2, and it sort of rhymes with Attack of the Clones. Why would we want to rhyme with arguably the worst Star Wars movie, which could be further argued that it's the worst "movie" period? Because f*** you that's why. Good news, it's another two-hour event just like our first episode! Wait, is that good news?

In all seriousness we hope you enjoy this one, despite the fact that we never actually made it to the intended source material. This week was to be all about Street Fighter. But then it wasn't. The format of our podcast is to chat up current events briefly, then move on to the subject at hand. Unfortunately Tom and I both suffer from a serious affliction called "Diarrhea Mouth". Whenever we talk about stuff we like, we don't stop, and it makes our podcasts long. Like it or lump it, we're here to stay. We did actually record the Street Fighter material, but rather than subject you to a Peter Jackson-esque four hour podcast, we snipped off the core material and left you with the current events portion which we believe is still a great listen for those of you into the same kind of weirdness we are.

Next podcast, Street Fighter. This week, us talking about stuff. Enjoy! (...and if this isn't enough, be on the lookout for something else we're going to post tomorrow. It's epic.)

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