Berserk: Why I Love It (Part 1)

Whenever anyone asks me what my favorite ‘thing’ is, that thing I have the most irrational passion for, the answer is always easy.


This answer usually takes people aback.  Not so much that I give that answer, since people that know me know I have great affection for it.  It’s more that there’s no hesitation in my answer.  I don’t even have to weigh options. 

Nothing else comes close.

The inevitable next question is exactly how much I love Berserk.  My response is always the same:

“If I could only keep one nerdy thing in my life and had to get rid of all the rest, it would be Berserk.”

People can’t believe that it wouldn’t be something like Captain America, Star Wars or even my other anime fixation, Mobile Suit Gundam.  There are a LOT of things I’m ‘into’ on a level that could be described as obsessive.

But in the end, Berserk would be the last man standing.


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