Episode 5: NOT Batman v Superman

Here is Episode 5 of the greatest podcast in the world, where we spent two hours talking about our mutual disdain for Batman v Superman. Then we immediately threw that episode in the dumpster where it belongs, in favor of much better and meaningful conversations about topics such as: Resident Evil movies, The Marvel and DC TV universes, Sam Witwer, Vic Mignogna, David Hayter v Hideo Kojima, Ghostbusters trailer, Fatal Fury, The Room, Arslan Senki, Robotech and other anime, Street Fighter G.I. Joe figures, AND... more David Warner! Anything BUT Batman v Superman. Because regurgitating everything that's been already said online would be boring, so instead BIG AMERICAN PARTY! EVERYBODY DISCO DANCING! LOTS OF FUN, GOOD TIME FOR ALL! I AM HAVING VERY GOOD TIME! ROBOT DANCING? OH NO! POLICE! QUICKLY IN HERE! WHO IS DRIVING? OH MY GOD BEAR IS DRIVING HOW CAN THAT BE?

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  1. A potential demise & re-birth of Anime to once again have great Anime would indicate there is such a thing...Sheeeit c'mon son!