Episode 11: Special Guest, Mike Vallas (Part 1)

The greatest podcast in the world just got even greatester! It's our first special guest, Mike Vallas! He's a former EGM editor with many stories to tell, so I'll shut my trap and let him get to it!



  1. Another solid output! Mike brought some great insights adding to an already knowledgeable team. I especially enjoyed the conversation about Star Trek's Sulu decision. Without going too in depth, I will say that we are all aware Political Correctness is a large component of our current societal landscape. With that being said, it is only natural that we are going to see overcompensation on issues that, "right or wrong" were either ignored or kept quiet for so long. I don't believe any person with a decent sense of morality has a negative outlook in regards to these social topics & decisions. However, most adaptation problems occur in how the issues are presented & the demonetization of those who don't comply immediately with instep agreement. Keep up the great work guys :0)