Gaming AM Podcast Commercial #2

We took some acting lessons and we're back with a new commercial! We may have gone too far in a few places...


Episode 4: The Retro Apprentice Continues

Happy other Monday! What's other Monday you ask? Well we here at Gaming AM like to post episodes every other Monday, so this being one of those "other Mondays" we have proclaimed it other Monday... day! So happy other Monday, or should I say happy new episode day? Or should I say this bit has run it's course... Episode 4, wherein we discuss a certain failed video game console, as well as a couple recent and decent sci-fi fan films we've been watching. PLUS... DAVID WARNER! Greatest podcast in the world. Listen, enjoy, spread the word, leave a bad review.


Episode 3: Sutorīto Faitā

As promised here is Episode 3 of the greatest podcast in the world, Gaming AM. This of course is the second half of Episode 2, in which we actually manage to get to the subject at hand, Street Fighter! We share our fond memories of playing each of its MANY iterations over the years, as well as discussing the history of the series we love so dearly. In addition, Tom discusses his feelings about the recently released Street Fighter V. This one is another epic two-hour extravaganza, which we'll just stop making reference to, as it seems like this is now just our standard episode length. Enjoy! Because it's awesome.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens-Fandom and Frustration

Star Wars means a lot to me.

As I stated in my first blog for Gaming AM, the way it influenced me as a child altered my perception of escapist pop culture forever and, more importantly, how I consume it.  This is one of the reasons I grew to dislike the prequels with such disdain the more I considered them.  Apart from their many narrative flaws, they suffered from a far more egregious problem:  their few strengths were not enough to overcome their numerous  weaknesses.

I couldn’t, in the end, forgive the prequels for their sins.  There was no redemption, no return to the light, for these three accursed Sithspawn.  Which isn’t to say that good things haven’t come from the wreckage of George Lucas’ misbegotten effort to whitewash our affection for the classic trilogy by burying us in prequel pap.