Gaming AM LIVE! #1: Hydra Cap is Hydra Crap

We just did a live stream via Facebook. Thanks to everyone who tuned in! For those who missed it, here's the HD version via YouTube.

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  1. I lost my zest for reading comics some years back. My last stab at it came with a Marvel reboot around the turn of the century. But like Tom; Cap was always my favorite comic character growing up. So even being removed from the monthly issues I find it sad when changes are made just for the sake of change. There is the concept of shaking things up to bring in new people, but it should never be at the expense of those loyal fans who have always been there. Its clear that Marvel subscribes to idea that "any" publicity is good publicity. That is a very narrow minded view when you are dealing with a hero & cultural icon. Like you guys said the source material is screwed up so the MCU is the only "current" safe haven for the depiction of characters we know & Love. So Marvel, if you ever had any hope of bringing me back to comic book the fold, it's not happening any time soon.