Episode 4: The Retro Apprentice Continues

Happy other Monday! What's other Monday you ask? Well we here at Gaming AM like to post episodes every other Monday, so this being one of those "other Mondays" we have proclaimed it other Monday... day! So happy other Monday, or should I say happy new episode day? Or should I say this bit has run it's course... Episode 4, wherein we discuss a certain failed video game console, as well as a couple recent and decent sci-fi fan films we've been watching. PLUS... DAVID WARNER! Greatest podcast in the world. Listen, enjoy, spread the word, leave a bad review.

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  1. I can say that without this podcast I would have never known about Darth Maul Apprentice. What an excellent fan film! Only flaw: why have a Jedi that immediately makes you think of Mortal Kombat. Take the mask off & the the distraction is gone. Speaking of distractions, that female padawan, yowsah! Either way what a waste, a Jedi that can't be loved or will die that way. Damn shame. The other main takeaway I had is: with the limited amounts of Star Trek Continues I have seen I feel safe in saying Vic Mignogna portrays Kirk in a more entertaining way than Chris Pine. Nothing against Pine as an actor, but Vic just makes it feel more like the Star Trek I grew up on. Great Job as always guys :0)