Episode 8: Pop Culture Stream of Consciousness

The title of this episode is more of a slogan for Gaming AM, as this episode encapsulates what we're all about. In the editing process we listen to the episode back, and this time I thought it would be fun to bust out the flowchart in an attempt to connect the dots and figure out this little show we call Gaming AM...

We begin with a discussion about Tom's experience at a screening of the 1979 classic Alien, and this rolls into a discussion about The Wizard of Oz, which leads to Oz the great and Powerful, and then to The Goonies, and from there we end up on Die Hard. As we discuss how Die Hard went downhill as it progressed through its sequels, that leads us to The Matrix, and then sends the conversation to Escape from L.A., then Last Action Hero, then finally to Escape Plan. The discussion about the cast of Escape Plan leads us to The Count of Monte Cristo, and why was there never a Contra Movie? Contra brings us to a conversation about my current fixation of collecting video game soundtracks on vinyl, and then we end up discussing Buckner & Garcia and Wreck it Ralph. Wreck it Ralph bounces us to video game documentaries then Atari games, then Seth Rogen's alleged connection to a documentary about the console wars, which takes the conversation to Toby Maguire's alleged connection to live-action Robotech, which takes us to a discussion about how anime characters looked better before, which takes us to Dragon Ball Super, Slam Dunk, Vagabond, then ultimately degenerates into "anime sucks now" and creators speaking out and apologizing. Speaking of content creators apologizing, we move the conversation to Mighty No. 9 and then to Blinking Light Win Kickstarter, which takes us to Little Player magazine for kids, and from there the conversation covers the early days of EGM. Finally, Tom shares more of his Dark Souls experiences having finished the game, we talk RWBY Chapter 3 even though we haven't finished it, we reiterate how awesome Vic Mignogna is, and that leads us to the mutual affirmation that we're both Agnostics, and George Carlin.

It's quite the wild ride as you can see, and don't think for a second this even scratches the surface. Give it a listen and get lost with us in a sea of pop culture references thoughtful repartee. Again, this is what the show is all about... Being awesome.


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